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Stranger Songs with Mike Regenstreif – CKCU – Tuesday March 23, 2021

Stranger Songs with Mike Regenstreif
finds connections and develops themes in various genres. The show is broadcast on CKCU in Ottawa on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 until 5 pm (Eastern time) and is also available 24/7 for on-demand streaming.

CKCU can be heard live at 93.1 FM in Ottawa and on the web.

This episode of Stranger Songs – Episode #7 – was prerecorded at home and can already be streamed on-demand by clicking on “Listen Now” at …

Theme: A tribute to Ottawa folk music volunteer extraordinaire Bob Nesbitt, the founder and director of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. Bob died of lung cancer at age 81 on February 27 and all of the music on this edition of Stranger Songs is by just some of the artists that Bob presented at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival over the years. Click here to read Bob's obituary in the Ottawa Citizen.

Lynn Miles- Million Brilliant
Downpour (Lynn Miles)

Moore & McGregor- Dancing Shoes
Dream with Me (Ivernia)
Connie Kaldor- Singer of the Sacred Heart
Out of the Blue (Coyote)
Sneezy Waters- Little Bird
Sneezy Waters Live (Sneezy Waters)

Shawna Caspi- Oleaster
Forest Fire (Shawna Caspi)
Old Man Luedecke- I Skipped a Stone
Easy Money (True North)
Ana Miura- Only One
Cool is the Daylight (Ana Miura)
Howie Hooper- A Telephone Ring
The Art of Procrastination (Howie Hooper)
Bob Nesbitt at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival (2017)


Durham County Poets- Chikkaboodah Stew
Chikkaboodah Stew (Durham County Poets)
Missy Burgess- Trouble in Mind
Missy Burgess with The Blue Train Live (Missy Burgess)
Vince Halfhide- Sonny Boy Said
Vince Halfhide (Vince Halfhide)

James Keelaghan- Cold Missouri Waters
History: The First 25 Years (Borealis)
Jessica Pearson & The East Wind- Think of Me
Grave and Garden Songs (Jessica Pearson & The East Wind)
Greg Kelly- I Only See the Sun
Ghosts (Greg Kelly)
Toasted Westerns- I Can’t Stop
Out to Lunch (Moo Music)

Russ Kelley- Whiskey Stone Blues
In Plain Sight (Ark Road Music Productions)
Tannis Slimmon- In and Out of Harmony
In and Out of Harmony (Tannis Slimmon)
Garnet Rogers- Old Campfires
Summer’s End (Snow Goose Songs)
Jamie Anderson- Remember Me
Songs from Home (Jamie Anderson)

Rick Fines- One Lone Loon
Solar Powered Too (Rick Fines)
Amanda Rheaume- Wolf of Time
Holding Patterns (Amanda Rheaume)
Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band- Feel Just Like Goin’ On
Ken Whiteley and the Beulah Band (Borealis)

Chris White- Circle of Song
Music All Around (Chris White)

Next week – Songs Inspired by Bible Stories

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