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Stranger Songs with Mike Regenstreif – CKCU – Tuesday March 16, 2021

Stranger Songs with Mike Regenstreif
finds connections and develops themes in various genres. The show is broadcast on CKCU in Ottawa on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 until 5 pm (Eastern time) and is also available 24/7 for on-demand streaming.

CKCU can be heard live at 93.1 FM in Ottawa and on the web.

This episode of Stranger Songs – Episode #6 – was prerecorded at home and can already be streamed on-demand by clicking on “Listen Now” at …


Theme: Irish and Irish-inspired songs

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem- Come By the Hills
The Bold Fenian Men (Columbia)

Moore & McGregor- The Fields of Athenry
Dream with Me (Ivernia)
Brendan Nolan- The Forty Shades of Green
Live at the Side Door (Ould Segosha)
Kirk MacGeachy & David Gossage- The Irish Rover
The Shroud of Erin (Kirk MacGeachy & David Gossage)

Doug McArthur- The Morning I Left Galway
The Horses of the Sea: A Personal Exploration of Ireland (Doug McArthur)
Maria Dunn- From Dublin with Love
Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper)

Alana & Leigh Cline- The Kerry Lassie Medley: Mother and Child/The Monaghan Twig/The Basket of Oysters/The Kerry Lassie
Alana & Leigh Cline (Scimitar)

Marty Morrissey- Kilkelly
The Ancient Ground (Marty Morrissey)
Highland Weavers- The Star of the County Down
Work O’ The Weavers (Highland Weavers)
Tim Henderson- No Irish Need Apply
Among the Best (Snake Hollow Music)
Ian & Sylvia- Little Beggarman
The Lost Tapes (Stony Plain)

Jack Hardy- Willie Goggin’s Hat
The Passing (Prime CD)
Runa- The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Live (Runa)
The Irish Rovers- The Black Velvet Band
The Best of the Irish Rovers (MCA)
Tara O'Grady- Wild Rover
Black Irish (Tara O’Grady)

Susan McKeown & Lorin Sklamberg
- Oakum
Saints & Tzadiks (World Village)
The Dubliners- The Auld Triangle
Spirit of the Irish: The Ultimate Collection (Sanctuary)
The Burns Sisters- From Clare to Here
Looking Back: Our Irish American Souls (Sisters Music)
Makem & Spain- Nae Awa’ to Bide Awa’
Four Pounds a Day (New Folk)

Jamie O'Reilly & The Rogues- Cockles and Mussels
A Collection of Rogues’ Recordings (J. O’Reilly Productions)
The Pogues- Sally Maclennane
Rum, Sodomy & the Lash (WEA)
Stephen Mendel- The Parting Glass
Sing Me a Story (Stephen Mendel)

Kevin Burke's Open House- Paddy the Caffler/Glen Cottage Polka/Tolka Polka
Hoofandmouth (Green Linnet)

Next week – A Tribute to the late Bob Nesbitt, founder and director of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival: Songs by artists who performed at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival over the years.

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