Saturday, May 28, 2016

Canadian Spaces – CKCU – Saturday May 28, 2016

CKCU can be heard at 93.1 FM in Ottawa and on the web.

Canadian Spaces on CKCU in Ottawa is Canada’s longest-running folk music radio program. It is heard Saturday mornings from 10:00 am until noon (Eastern time).

It was hosted for more than 33 years by the late Chopper McKinnon and is now hosted by Chris White and a rotating cast of co-hosts.

This week’s show was co-hosted by Mike Regenstreif and Chris White.

Guests: Greg Kelly; Sheila White; Chaim Tannenbaum; Scott Richardson and Ciaran MacGillivray

Notre Dame de Grass- Saturday Night
New Canada Road (Notre Dame de Grass)

Wanda Fischer- Friends of Mine
Singing Along with the Radio (Wanda Fischer)

Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan’s Dream
The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (Columbia)

David Essig- Quiet Money
A Stone in My Pocket (Peregrin Songs)

Maria Dunn- Flora
Gathering (Distant Whisper)

Arnie Naiman- Reminiscence
My Lucky Stars (Merriweather)

Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Roche- Both Sides Now
Mud & Apples (Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Roche)

Reid Jamieson- Dance Me to the End of Love

Chaim Tannenbaum- London, Longing for Home 
Chaim Tannenbaum (StorySound)

Missy Burgess- Make Me a Pallett On Your Floor
Lemon Pie (Missy Burgess)

Sheila White- Indeed
Unreleased demo 

Chaim Tannenbaum- Coal Man Blues
Chaim Tannenbaum (StorySound)
Chaim Tannenbaum- Brooklyn 1955 *
Chaim Tannenbaum (StorySound)
*Due to a cueing error, a fragment from “London, Longing for Home” preceded “Brooklyn 1955.”

Ciaran MacGillivray- Kitty Bawn O’Brien
Live in the studio

The show is now available for online listening.

I’ll be co-hosting Canadian Spaces again on July 16.

Find me on Twitter. @MikeRegenstreif

--Mike Regenstreif

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