Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Deborah Robins – Lone Journey

Lone Journey
Zippety Whippet Music

On Lone Journey, Deborah Robins offers a set of 23 lovingly performed traditional folksongs and composed songs that have mostly entered the folk tradition – sung and played front porch or kitchen table style – mostly solo or with occasional backup from Larry Hanks, her husband and usual performing partner.

Deborah has a lovely voice and accompanies herself solidly on nylon-string guitar and banjo-guitar (a banjo head with a guitar neck and strings so it essentially sounds like a banjo but plays like a guitar).

Among my favorite tracks on this generous set are a pretty version of “Tell Old Bill” (which I can’t listen to without remembering my late friend Dave Van Ronk); “Goodbye to My Stepstone,” a coming-of-age song sung from the perspective of a young person leaving home to make his or her own way in the world; “Take It Slow and Easy,” one of Jesse Fuller’s goodtime blues songs featuring Larry playing some fine Lead Belly-style 12-string guitar; and a sprightly version of “Dance, Boatman, Dance,” an infectious riverboat song learned from Bob Gibson.

Lone Journey is a nice reminder of the simple joys of traditional folk music.

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--Mike Regenstreif

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  1. Deborah's new CD has become one of my favorites and I'm afraid that I'll wear it out from playing it so much. Your description of her singing and playing in the "front porch style" is perfect. It's all about the songs. The instrumental playing provide the perfect frame around the "painting" of each song...never intrusive...just perfect...!!