Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Morning with Mike Regenstreif – CKCU – Saturday June 24, 2017

Saturday Morning is an eclectic roots-oriented program on CKCU in Ottawa heard live on Saturday mornings from 7 until 10 am (Eastern time) and then available for on-demand streaming. I am one of the four rotating hosts of Saturday Morning and base my programming on the Folk Roots/Folk Branches format I developed at CKUT in Montreal.

CKCU can be heard at 93.1 FM in Ottawa and on the web.

This episode of Saturday Morning can be streamed on-demand at

Extended theme – A tribute to Rosalie Sorrels.

This program was dedicated to the memory of the late Rosalie Sorrels (1933-2017). Rosalie died on June 11 and today would have been her 84th birthday. I wrote about Rosalie on the Folk Roots/Folk Branches blog.

Katy Moffatt- Seabiscuit
Where the Heart Is (Centerfire Music)

David Wiffen- Times are Getting Hard
At the Bunkhouse Coffeehouse, Vancouver BC (Universal International)
Deborah Robins- Shake Sugaree
Home Fires (Zippety Whippet Music)
Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches- Freight Train
Very Next Thing (On the Bol)
Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur- The Cuckoo
Penny’s Farm (Kingswood)
Jayme Stone, Moira Smiley, Sumaia Jackson, Joe Phillips & Nick Fraser- Hey, Lally Lally Lo

Bob Dylan- Who Killed Davey Moore?
The Bootleg Series, Volume 1 (Columbia)
The Brothers & Sisters- All Along the Watchtower
Dylan’s Gospel (Columbia)
Sneezy Waters- When the Ship Comes In
Sneezy Waters Live (Sneezy Waters)
Bill Camplin- Desolation Row
Bob Dylan Project One (Bill Camplin)

Eric Bogle- Roll Call
A Toss of the Coin (Greentrax)
Lisa Gutkin- Gonna Get Through This World
From Here On In (Lisa Gutkin)
NEeMA w/Emmylou Harris- For You
Painting My Wall Gold (Neemaste Productions)

Catherine MacLellan & John Connolly- The Call
Katie Moore & Andrew Horton- You Can Go on Your Way Now
Six More Miles (Katie Moore)
Durham County Poets & Michael Jerome Browne- Diamonds on the Water
Grimshaw Road (Durham County Poets)
Orit Shimoni- Time’s Up
Soft Like Snow (MW Music)
Tom Russell- Thrown to the Wolves

Rosalie Sorrels- Travelin’ Lady
Nanci Griffith- Ford Econoline
Lone Star State of Mind (MCA)
Rosalie Sorrels- Apple of My Eye
Always a Lady (Green Linnet)
Bonnie Koloc- Up is a Nice Place to Be
Timeless (Mr. Biscuit)
Rosalie Sorrels- Hitchhiker in the Rain
Borderline Heart (Green Linnet)

Grateful Dead- Ripple
American Beauty (Warner Bros.)
Rosalie Sorrels- Song for Daughters/Mama
Then Came the Children – Live (Green Linnet)
Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne- Postcard from India (Keep On Rockin’)
Sparkle and Shine (Front Hall)

Rosalie Sorrels & Mike Regenstreif (1993)
Rosalie Sorrels- Apples and Pears
What Does It Mean to Love? (Green Linnet)
Penny Lang- My Last Go Round
Stone + Sand + Sea + Sky (Borealis)
Rosalie Sorrels- One More Next Time
If I Could Be the Rain (Folk-Legacy)
Tom Russell w/Bill Hearne- Pork Roast and Poetry
Unreleased – used by permission
Rosalie Sorrels- Rosalie, You Can’t Go Home Again

Sam Baker- Margaret
Land of Doubt (Sam Baker)
Annie Guthrie- Laid in Bed
Dragonfly (Rising Son)
Garnet Rogers w/Doug Long- This Shirt
Summer Lightning: Live (Snow Goose)
Jory Nash- King in Denial
The Many Hats of Jory Nash (Thin Man)
Alex Cuba- En Mi Guitarra
Lo Ūnico Constante (Caracol)

Rory Block- Panama Limited
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee- Spread the News Around
Mr. Brownie & Mr. Sonny: The Bluesville Years Volume Five (Prestige)
Michael Earnie Taylor Orchestra- Tourist Town
$3 Pants (Laughing Cactus Music)

Joe Newberry & April Verch- Waiting for Joe
Going Home (Slab Town)

I’ll be hosting Saturday Morning next on July 22.

Find me on Twitter. @MikeRegenstreif

--Mike Regenstreif

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