Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mary Travers 1936-2009

I’m sad to report that Mary Travers passed away tonight at age 72. She’d been battling leukemia for several years.

Mary, of course, was one-third of Peter, Paul and Mary with Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey. Of all the folk-boom groups, Peter, Paul and Mary were the most enduring and the one that I’ve always continued listening to.

I didn’t really know Mary very well. Noel introduced us backstage at a concert in Montreal in the early-1980s and I met her a few more times in later years. She was always very gracious.

--Mike Regenstreif

Here’s a message from Peter Yarrow:

"Surrounded by love with a spirit of quiet, grateful, celebration amongst many friends who had gathered to be with her, Mary chose to leave us a few minutes before 7:30 pm, this evening.

She was in no pain and was able to understand and respond to spoken words even up to some time late in the afternoon, just a few hours before her pasing.

I was able to convey the thoughts, messages of appreciation and love, from many of you who contacted me.

It was an honor and a blessing to have been with Mary in this last, powerful chapter in her life. She was Mary to a "T" until the end, nodding yesterday when asked if she wanted to go shopping with the girls at the Mall, gently (but clearly) slapping away the arm of a nurse who didn't stop doing something to Mary when she asked her not to (all this with her eyes unopened). I could sense her delight when I came to sit with her, massage her fingers as I always did on tour, and tell her all the things worth saying to express my love, for quite a long period of time during the day.

She was a giant of a person, in spirit and heart, till the end. Missing her has only just begun.

Love to you all,


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