Saturday, June 29, 2013

Canadian Spaces – CKCU – Saturday June 29, 2013

CKCU is at 93.1 FM in Ottawa or on the web.

This week’s show was co-hosted by Mike Regenstreif and Chris White.

Canadian Spaces on CKCU in Ottawa is Canada’s longest-running folk music radio program. It is heard Saturday mornings from 10:00 am until noon (Eastern time). It was hosted for more than 33 years by the late Chopper McKinnon and is now hosted by Chris White and a rotating cast of co-hosts. Today was my first time in the co-host’s chair and I had a ball hosting live radio again for the first time since ending the almost-14 year run of Folk Roots/Folk Branches on CKUT in Montreal in 2007.

Guests: Bec & Rusty (Rebecca Campbell and Russell Levia)

Ron Hynes- 30 for 60
            Stealing Genius (Borealis)

Anna McGarrigle & Lily Lanken- Jacques et Gilles

Tom Russell & the Norwegian Wind Ensemble- Guadalupe
            Aztec Jazz (Frontera)

Lynn Miles- More
            Downpour (Lynn Miles)

Garnet Rogers- Summer Lightning
            Summer Lightning (Snow Goose)

Bruce Cockburn- Child of the Wind
            Slice O Life: Live Solo (True North)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo- Rain Rain Beautiful Rain
            Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Shanachie)

Laura Smith- Magdalen McGillivray
            Everything is Moving (Borealis)

Bruce Murdoch- I Intend to be the Last Man Standing
            Sometimes I Wonder Why the World (Bruce Murdoch)

Stan Rogers- The Mary Ellen Carter
            Between the Breaks…Live! (Fogarty’s Cove/Borealis)

Deborah Holland- I Wanna Be a Canadian
            Vancouver (Rage On)

Lennie Gallant- Peter’s Dream
            Lennie Gallant Live (Revenant)

The next five songs punctuated our conversation with Bec & Rusty.

Bec & Rusty- River Road
            Live in the studio
Bec & Rusty- Tea for Two
            Live in the studio

Bec & Rusty- A Good Woman’s Love
            Live in the studio

Bec & Rusty- Too Far Gone
            Tea for Two (Canal)

Bec & Rusty- Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
            Live in the studio

Jesse Winchester- I Turn to My Guitar
            Love Filling Station (Appleseed)

Jay Aymar- That Old Ravine
            Overtime (Jay Aymar)

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--Mike Regenstreif

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