Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Playlist: Folk Roots/Folk Branches -- Celebrating Spring

Folk Roots/Folk Branches with Mike Regenstreif is a thematic program streamed on demand at Roots Music Canada.

A new show debuts every week.

Note: There’s a change in the radio service at Roots Music Canada. Instead of a scheduled time once per day, Folk Roots/Folk Branches is now available on-demand at any time.

Theme: Celebrating Spring.

John Gorka- Thirstier Wind
Bright Side of Down (Red House)
Garnet Rogers- Old Campfires
Summer’s End (Snow Goose Songs)
Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy- The Rambles of Spring
The Makem & Clancy Collection (Shanachie)

Richie Havens- Here Comes the Sun
Résumé: The Best of Richie Havens (Rhino)
Herdman, Hills & Mangsen- Winter’s Come and Gone
At the Turning of the Year (Hand & Heart Music)
Ian Tyson- Springtime
Cowboyography (Stony Plain)
David Mallett- Greenin’ Up
Midnight on the Water (North Road)

Bruce Murdoch- First Robin of Springtime
Matters of the Heart (Bruce Murdoch)
Anne Hills- Glad for the Spring
Beauty Attends: The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley (Collective Works)
Tom Russell & Nanci Griffith- Gulf Coast Highway
Modern Art (HighTone)
Erin McKeown- They Say It’s Spring
Sing You Sinners (Nettwerk)
Lew London- Swingtime in Springtime
Swingtime in Springtime (Philo)

Mike Regenstreif & Tom Paxton
Marie-Lynn Hammond- Flying/Spring of ‘44
Marie-Lynn Hammond/Vignettes (Vignettes Media)
Quartette- Spring of ‘45
Work of the Heart (Denon)
Tom Paxton- My Favorite Spring
Live for the Record (Sugar Hill) 

Connie Kaldor- Spring on the Prairies
Wood River (Coyote)
Bill Staines- The Heavens and the Years
Old Dogs (Red House)

Next week: Old Friends and Memories.

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