Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This week in Folk Roots/Folk Branches history (July 20-July 26)

Folk Roots/Folk Branches with Mike Regenstreif was a Thursday tradition on CKUT in Montreal for nearly 14 years from February 3, 1994 until August 30, 2007 (and around the world via the web for most of those years). Folk Roots/Folk Branches continued for some time as occasional features on CKUT, and is now a blog. Here’s the 47th instalment of “This week in Folk Roots/Folk Branches,” a weekly look back continuing through next August at some of the most notable guests, features and moments in Folk Roots/Folk Branches history.

July 21, 1994: Extended feature- Songs about baseball.
July 20, 1995: Guest- Brian Morton.
July 22, 1999: Guest- Brendan Nolan.
July 20, 2000: Guest- Rory Block.
July 25, 2002: Extended features- Tributes to the late Alan Lomax and the late Dave Carter.
July 24, 2003: Guest- Priscilla Herdman.
July 21, 2005: Extended feature- The 40th anniversary (July 25) of Bob Dylan going electric at the Newport Folk Festival.
July 26, 2007: Guests- Ron Hynes; Bruce Murdoch.
July 24, 2008 (Folk Roots/Folk Branches feature): Summer songs.

Pictured: (top) Mike Regenstreif and Priscilla Herdman at the 2000 Champlain Valley Folk Festival; (centre) Ron Hynes and Mike Regenstreif at the 2007 Branches & Roots Festival; (bottom) Mike Regenstreif and Bruce Murdoch at the 2007 Branches & Roots Festival.

--Mike Regenstreif

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