Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Norman Doucette -- Some Mother's Son

Some Mother’s Son
Norman Doucette

The dozen original songs – steeped as they are in both folk music and country – that Norman Doucette sings on his debut album, Some Mother’s Son, remind me of a time, about 40 years ago when there was an explosion of great singer-songwriters mining that musical vein. Among the artists I’m thinking of are Kris Kristofferson, Steve Young, Paul Siebel, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and John Prine. In particular, Norman reminds me of early John Prine in his approach to melody and song construction.

These are gritty songs populated by seemingly true-to-life characters that you might encounter on the poor side of most urban downtowns. “The poor man walking by the soup kitchen door” in the lead-off track; the perpetual wanderer in “Teepees, Tents and Trailers”; and the hooker caught up in addiction and poverty in “Angel with a Broken Heel.”

There are also echoes of Stan Rogers in the title track, “Some Mother’s Son,” in which Norman’s first-person character, an East Coast fisherman whose livelihood is played out, is faced with the choice of heading to Alberta to work the tar sands or joining the army and carrying a gun in Afghanistan.

Norman is a veteran performer. I hope this CD opens some doors for him as his songs are well-deserving of an audience.

BTW, that I know of Norman Doucette and his fine songs is certainly thanks to his brother, Adrien Doucette. Adrien, founder of the Branches & Roots and Apple Hollow Folk Festivals, as well as a prime organizer of the weekly concerts at Café Namas Thé in Ormstown, is kind of the folk music godfather of the Chateauguay Valley south of Montreal. It was at Adrien’s festivals that I’ve enjoyed opportunities to hear Norman perform live and it was Adrien that sent me the CD.

--Mike Regenstreif


  1. Simply said, but with true meaning, Thank you from both of us.

  2. I am a fan of and have become a musical friend of Norman. His songs reach from his heart into yours...sometimes removing it and stomping on it.
    The Prine influences, especially from the "Diamonds in the Rough" album, are true. Yet, Norman stands alone.
    "Angel with a Broken Heel" reaches me differently on each listen. A true gem.
    Norman deserves a much larger audience. I'll do what I can from my end.
    Looking forward to the release of his new cd.
    Greg Kelly

    1. I am honored at such encouraging words.Thank you.
      Greg Kelly is a brother musician i have recently met.
      His stage presence makes one feel you have known him forever as i have felt.
      Amazing singer song writer and performer.
      thanks again Greg.

      Norman Doucette

  3. Check out the interview I had with Pat Moore on CKCU radio Ottawa, just click on the link below